Property Tree Health Reports & Inspections….What is this about?

Property reports and inspections is about you becoming informed of what you are purchasing or renting to a tenant.

Let’s Talk About Trees has as a response to many requests, designed a product which is designed as a Pre-Purchase or Pre-Rental Inspection process.

We have a walk through the prospective property you are going to buy and discuss the tree, plant and landscape aspects.

We look at tree health and safety as well as suitablity for its location and the what will the tree mean to you and your assett in the future.

  • Are the trees on the block suitable?
  • Will they damage the house or the neighbours?
  • Are the trees rotten and going to fail?
  • Is the mulch good or bad?
  • Is the irrigation going to work / fail or cause me issues?

We provide a written summary and this can be upgraded to a full report. It gives you piece of mind and pre purchase it often gives you a tool to further bargain the cost of your property upon.

After having carried out many of these inspections, I have not yet met the client who did not benifit from this walk through.

Weather its a farm full of bush and wind break plantations, or a domestic unit with a tiny garden…. What looks good today may very well cost thousands tomorrow.

Landlords have rites as well…. If your a landlord and have a great garden around your investment assett then why not document and protect it.

With a fully indipendant documented report you can apply a bond to your landscape and protect the trees and gardens which cost you so much in maintenance.

You also get to know the things will could bring your investment to a less than profitable crash…either in the future or soon after purchase…. So if your looking at an investment property and you’d consider a building inspection, why wouldnt you consider an Arboricultural Inspection….. A tree can do more damage than a white ant and in a much shorter time span…

Investment and purchase with confidence and knowledge…. What you invest here will save thousands elsewhere.

We offer our verbal walk through at a fixed price.

The package is $165.00 all inclusive, excluding travel.

This gives you an hour on site to ask questions and use all my skills in Arboriculture and Horticulture.

As I stated earlier i’ve not yet met the disapointed client when it comes to a Visual Inspection of a Property…..

Knowledge is power and power is the key to a well purchased assett.

Lets Talk About Trees…. Book the consultation now……

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