A life time in the Horticultural and Arboricultural industry with over ten years in the government sector and over 15 years in the private sector my experiences cover most disciplines of the industry excluding forestry.

Professional Arboriculture Consultations

I have worked in the Flower Growing Industry, The wholesale and Retail Nursery Industry, Government Parks Departments, Government Arboricultural Departments and Large Private Arboricultural, Traffic Management, Earth Moving and Environmental Green Waste Management companies.

I have held senior management positions, and over the past decade I was General Manger of a group of companies, involved in their development from the initial stages right through to becoming multi million dollar enterprises with fully integrated management systems and carrying fully independent auditions to JAZANZ standards.

My education spans a vast knowledge base and I hold the following certificates of education:

  • Certificate IV of Training and Assessment
  • Diploma of Applied Science Horticulture (Arboriculture – Level 5)
  • Advanced Certificate of Arboriculture (Level 3)
  • Advanced Certificate of Horticulture (level 3)
  • Trade Qualification in Gardening (Apprenticeship)
  • Certificate in Risk Management
  • Certificate of Celebrancy (Level 4)
  • Certificate of Public Speaking
  • Certificate of Life Celebrations
  • Certificate of Therapeutic Massage
  • Certificate of Small Business Management (Level 4)
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment TAE40110 (Training and Education)
  • Attended many seminars and lectures by industry leaders such as Dr Alex Shigo and Professor Dr Claus Mattheck

My experience allows me to work in all areas of consultation:

  • Management plans
  • Risk
  • Retention
  • Damage
  • Valuation
  • Root investigation
  • Strategic Policies
  • Tree Species selection
  • Specifications
  • Preserve and manage
  • Site analysis
  • Stock assessments
  • Advice and appearances
  • Root damage, nuisance, negligence
  • Forensic investigation